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Cox’s Bazar sea beach is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. it is a tourism Centre in southeastern Bangladesh. It’s also known by the name Panowa that is really a beautiful name. It is famous mostly for the long natural gritty beach in Bangladesh. It’s located about 93mi south city of Chittagong. Cox’s Bazar is a fishing seaport and the largest sea beach all over the world. Cox’s Bazar sea beach pictures give you great aesthetic pleasure.

Location and Map in details of Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is a tourist place and which located in the southeast of Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar originated from the name of a British East India Company officer was captain Hiram Cox. Cox’s Bazar is located 150 km south of the city of Chittagong. The name of the beach in Cox’s Bazar has a gentle bevel and with an unbroken length of 155 km (96 mi) and it is the longest natural unbroken sea beach in the world.
Distance from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar sea beach is 306 km. Lots of ways you can go there and keep enjoying. Cox’s Bazar such a place you can more explore yourself every single moment. It’s really an attractive place in Bangladesh and all over the world.
Cox’s Bazar is situated in Chittagong Division in Bangladesh and geographical coordinates are 210 25’ 0” North, 910 59’ 0” East. You can see Cox’s Bazar photos and pictures from the satellite below and you also explore the aerial photographs of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. Now available Cox’s Bazar Map below.

Google Map: 

Best Things to do in Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach:

Cox’s Bazar such a place there explores many ways. Every single moment you feel better because sea waves bring your mind very calm and peaceful. When you go in front of the sea beach your mind is playing what to do at this moment because there is a lot of options. Morning time, afternoon time, and evening when you go for walk on the beach you may hear the roar of the wave.

Sea Beach Photography:

Most people like to capture their happy moments of the trip by taking pictures. Lots of things you see Cox’s Bazar sea beach. If you want you can take nice pictures and flying photos with a beach photographer. Lots of couples and new married couple you can see here they are passing very romantic time. These sea beach photographers are dress wear red colors. Every kind of picture you will get there 2R, 3R, 4R, A4 size of photo costs basically very what you need to size photo frame.


Parasailing is used to view hold Cox’s Bazar sea beach from the sky. Parasailing gives you a full adventure experience that why you can’t ever forget this experience. Many people decided before they to go the trip and then trying to make a parasailing adventure life.


Many items of speedboat available in Cox’s Bazar. What colors speedboat you want just pick one and plying at sea beach. Available expert driver there you can hire them. These speedboats charge $2 for you per round. You can also hire a lifeboat rate is $3 per round for every single people.

Beach bikes Rides:

Three-wheeled bikes can be seen at Cox’s Bazar. Most of the people are excited to drive three-wheeled bikes and try to get extreme level experience. One of the most things about Cox’s Bazar sea beach where the available instrument so that people used this.

Suitable Time to Visit in Cox’s Bazar:

The best time to visit cox’s Bazar is November 17 or 18th to March then Weather stay average temperatures in Cox’s Bazar sea beach. There is less temperate weather in November month. If you looking for a very heated time to visits cox’s Bazar then you are coming in May, April, June. basically on this month temperature mid-day 34.20C and at night dropping below 26.30C.

Climate Data for Cox’s Bazar January to March:

The climate of Bangladesh is mostly dependent on its location in the tropical monsoon season-high temperature, heavy rainfall. High record January 32.8 0C, February 33.90C, March 36.10C and average high January 26.70C, February 28.50C, March 30.90C and finally record low January 7.80C, February 9.40C, March 11.10C.

April to June:

Bangladesh’s weather changed depend on the season such as High record April 37.20C, May 35.00C, June 36.10C. Average high-temperature April 32.10C, May 32.30C, June 30.70C, and lastly record of low April 16.10C, May 16.70C, and June 20.60C temperature.

July to September:

Every month changed the weather a little bit. High record July 33.30C, August 33.30C, September 34.40C. The average temperature in July 30.00C, August 33.40C, and September 34.40C. Low record July 21.70C, August 19.40C, September 21.70C.

October to November:

The highest temperature this month. The high temperature in October 33.90C, November 33.30C. The average temperature in October 31.60C, November 33.30C, and the final low record is October 17.20C, November 13.30C.

In December:

Finally, the end of season name is December weather is cool and good. High-temperature record December 31.70C, Average temperature record 27.50C, and low record temperature in December 13.10C.

How to Go Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach:

By Air:

Domestic airlines operate flights to the tourism and trips city of Bangladesh. Many airlines company provide flights, Biman Bangladesh, Novoair, Regent Airlines, US-Bangla Airlines operates Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar scheduled flights.

By Road:

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar sea beach is a route spread over 390.1 km. Many bus operators for this route, Hanif Enterprise, Ena Transport, saintmartin Travels, Tuba Line, Nabil, Agomony Express, Royal Coach, Shyamoli poribohan, Sheba Poribohan, Year-71, Dhaka line, Sagorika enterprise.

Best Things to Do in Cox’s Bazar Beach:


Cox’s Bazar Beach:

Cox’s Bazar Sea beach is a tourist city located in southeastern Bangladesh alongside Bengal. It belongs to Cox’s Bazar of Chittagong. Cox’s Bazar is famous for its natural beauty place. It’s beautiful all over the world and is the largest marine fishing port in Bangladesh.
It’s situated 152 km south of Chittagong City. Cox’s Bazar beach distance from Dhaka is 414 km. It’s known to all Cox’s Bazar beach the largest tourist center in Bangladesh.

Inani Beach:

Inani Sea Beach is 27 km away from Cox’s Bazar city and 15 km away from Himchari. At the time of low flow and the coral attendant on the Inani sea beach like the st. Martin’s Island. Basically, the perfect time to visit Inani beach in the afternoon and if you do not go on this time you miss watching the wonderful sunset. I think as well as the surrounding landscapes will remove all your weariness of your journey.

Saint Martin Beach:

Saint Martin Sea Beach is the coral island in Bangladesh and is located south of the mainland of Bangladesh. It’s a small island of 17 square km and 120 km away from Cox’s Bazar city and 35 km away from Teknaf and also called Narikel Zinzira. It’s beside of Naf River. Saint Martin island where two sides are beautifully decorated with green hills. Wonderful natural beauty saint martin island has made it one of the tourist destinations of Bangladesh and infinite blue sky, blue water, rows of coconut trees have created the saint martin island as a unique destination.

Patenga Beach:

Patenga sea beach is the most beautiful place. Patenga sea beach is situated 14 km south of Chittagong city. Patenga beach is located in the mouth of the Kaanapali River. Most popular tourist center in the city of Chittagong Division. Patenga beach is situated Shah Amanat International Airport and the Navy Camp. Patenga beach is also getting popular day by day.

Laboni Sea Beach:

Laboni Sea beach is the eldest beach in Cox’s Bazar and is also known as laboni Point or Sea beach of Bangladesh. Laboni beach is a little different and attracts the tourist for getting enormous feelings also. If you want to take a traditional feel just take a rickshaw from kolatoli sea beach road even you can go by walking to reach laboni beach because of very close of Cox’s Bazar.

Mermaid Beach:

One of the most beautiful places in Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach. Mermaid Sea Beach Resort is south of Cox’s Bazar. It’s a very nice marine drive that provides for a 20 minutes drive. Mermaid sea beach is approximate 16 km or 9.94 miles of cox’s Bazar Bangladesh. Mermaid beach resort is located in the quiet area of Pechardwip in Cox’s Bazar.


One of the best places Himachori beach. Many attractions place in Cox’s Bazar but Himachori totally different place. You can come here to Himachori to see it, Waterfall, this is one of the famous waterfalls.

Sonadia Island:

In the south of Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is the last district and it is the most visited tourist city. It is a popular destination being the largest sea beach in the world. It is familiar with the name of Sonadia Char. It is established in the Kutubutdin under Maheshkhali Upazila in Cox’s Bazar. Important to the realization about, the island is located 15 km north-west from Cox’s Bazar Sadar and south of Maheshkhali Dwip. The place has been divided by a canal from the Maheshkhali Upazila that is Chittagong Division. The area of the Dwip is nearly 9 Square Km. It is one of the striking tourist spots for natural beauty lovers so everybody can enjoy this place.


Ramu is 16km village in Cox’s Bazar which is Chittagong. It has displays of precious stones, a huge bronze statue of 100 Feet Buddha that is Cox’s Bazar. The third-largest statue in the world name Great Buddha is situated there. It located at Ramu, 20 km from Cox’s Bazar city towards Chittagong Division. You can also see monasteries, and Pagodas. The houses are in the shape of Pagoda which is Buddha well place. Tourists can also purchase handmade cigars from the craftsmen thai is very well.

Where you Stay in Cox’s Bazar:

When you come to travel in Cox’s Bazar, You need to stay here for one or two or five days or more days. So you need to well decorated and clean hotels. let’s go to check out some categories of hotels that you want and pick on this.

Best 10 Luxurious and Comfortable Hotels Near Cox’s Bazar:

Hotels, Cox Bazar, Best Food, place
Cox Bazar Sea Beach Hotels

Sea Welcome Resort:

This is the most beautiful Hotel in Cox’s Bazar. Here you can spend time some wonderful quality, with 24 hour Room service, And the front desk. It has a Wonderful Garden and beside a waterfall.
Amenities: Free wifi, Free Parking, Free Services, Beach view facilities, 7 in 24hr, Room Service, Air Conditioning facilities airport shuttle, 24hr reception, Kids friendly Laundry, 24hr front desk, and many more facilities that make you feel crazy.
Check-in: 11:00pm
Check out: 11:00am
Contact Number: 01707-854565
Address: Plot No 22, Kolatoli Road Block A, Coxs Bazar
GoogleMap:Click Here and Visit the Map

Hotel Water Orchid:

This Hotel Very Nice and well places situated. This is a 3-star hotel, but simply gorgeous. It has a Restaurant, Lounge, Tea shop, and a beautiful garden.

Amenities: Free wifi, Parking, Free Breakfast, 7 in 24hr, Restaurants, Room Service, kids friendly, Kids activity facilities, Airport shuttle, 24hr reception, Stuff well behaver and Special facilities for Autistic child, Housekeeping facilities, Convenience store, Laundry, 24hr front desk, Buffet breakfast, Beach view facilities, and many more just you can choose and pick the right thing.
Check-in: 12:30pm
Check out: 11:00am
Contact Number: 01612-711900
Address: Plot 25, Block C, Kolatoli Road, Coxs Bazar 4700
GoogleMap: Click Here and Visit the Map

Laguna Beach Hotel And Resort:

The best facilities hotels in Coxs Bazar Sea Bazar. 3kilomiters from Cox’sBazar airport. one of the best Hotels on the sea beach.

Amenities: Free wifi, Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Free Call services, Buffet breakfast, Beach view facilities, 7 in 24hr front desk, Restaurants, Room Service, Kids activity facilities, facilities airport shuttle, 7 in 24hr reception, Outdoor pool, Spa, Convenience store, Housekeeping facilities, Laundry and many more things.
Check-in: 1.00pm
Check out: 11.00am
Contact Number: 01733-222600
Address: Sugondha Point, Kolatoli Road, plot no: 39 4700 Cox’s Bazar sea beach, Chittagong, in Bangladesh
GoogleMap: Click Here and Visit the Map

Sayeman Beach Resort:

From Sugandha beach 7-minute walk Near Cox;s Bazar, Katoli Beach 8minute walk and from Coxs Bazar 28minute so enjoy.

Amenities: Free Parking, Free Wifi, Laundry, Air Conditioning, Free Call service, Free Breakfast, Buffet Breakfast, Airport shuttle, kids friendly, Spa, Outdoor pool,24hr Room service Taking safety measures.
Check-in: 2.00pm
Check out: 12.00am
Contact Number: +880 9610 777 888, +880 1755 691 917
Address: Marine Drive, Road, Coxs Bazar 4700
GoogleMap: Click Here and Visit the Map

Hotel Sea Alif:

Its walking distance 13minute from Kolatoli Sea Beach and from Cox’s Bazar Airport of 4km.

Amenities: Free wifi, Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Free call service, Beach view facilities, 7 in 24hr Reception, Room Service, Beach view facilities, Airport shuttle, 7 in 24hr reception, Kids friendly Laundry resort.
Check-in: 2.00pm
Check out: 12.00pm
Contact Number: 01715-755112
Address: Plot No.16, Block B, Kolatoly Road, 4700
GoogleMap: Click Here and Visit the Map

Hotel shams Plaza:

Cox Bazar Sea Beach Airport located 2km near from this hotel, 24hr front desk and Room service.

Amenities: Free parking, Air conditioning, Free Call services, Restaurant, Breakfast, Buffet Breakfast, 24hr reception, Airport Shuttle.
Check-in: 12:15pm
Check out: 12:00am
Contact Number:01812-965252
Address: Plot # 18, Block # A Hotel Motel Zone, Road, Coxs Bazar 4700
GoogleMap: Click Here and Visit the Map

Prasad Paradise:

This is a very nice Hotels. Its Located 4.2km from Coxs Bazar Airport sea beach.

Amenities: Free Parking, Free wifi, Swimming pool, Beachfront, Free call services, BBQ facilities, Daily Housekeeping, Airport shuttle, Spaing, Air condition, Business centre Meeting/banquet facilities, Room service, 24hour front desk, kids friendly and many more
Check out: 11:30
Contact Number: 01556347711, 01556347722
GoogleMap: Click Here and Visit the Map

Hotel Sea Cox:

Only one Hotel there is Breakfast complimentary and available parking also. 14-minute walk distance from kalotoli beach and 4km from Coxs Bazar Sea beach Airport.

Amenities: Free breakfast, Free parking, Free wifi, Free spai, Free call services, Beach view facilities, Breakfast buffet, Room service, Restaurant, Kids Friendly, Laundry, 7 in 24hr reception, Air conditioning, Airport shuttle and many more things you can do.
Check-in: 1:00pm
Check out: 11:00am
Contact Number: 01616-200500, 01733-125924
Address: New Beach Rd, Cox’s Bazar
Google Map: Click Here and Visit the Map 

Seagull Hotels Ltd:

The hotel is great just because of the price, wow, They provide 7 in 24hr Room service and Near Coxs Bazar Airport sea beach.

Amenities: High-Speed Internet wifi, Pool, Free call services, Fitness Center with Gym, Workout room, Free breakfast, Buffet, BeachChildren Activities, Airport transportation, air conditioning, Oshen view, and many more services here.
Check-in: 12:00pm
Check out: 11:00am
Address: Plot 5, 6 & 7, Hotel Motel Zone, Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach 4700 in Bangladesh.
Google Map: Click Here and Visit the Map

Well Park Resort:

The hotel is 4km from Coxs Bazar Sea beach Airport. On a cheap budget this hotel is the best hotel for you I think.

Amenities: Free parking, Free wifi, Free call services, spa, Fitness center, Room Service, Laundry, Kids friendly, 24hr Reception
Check-in: 12:00qm
Check out: 11:30pm
Contact Number: 01763-83 28 30, 01842-83 28 30
Address: Light House Road, Hotel Motel Zone, 4700 Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach in Bangladesh.
Google Map: Click Here and Visit the Map 

What to Eat in Cox’s Bazar:

Best Traditional Food available here Like Fish, Beef, Matton, Rice, Daal, Loitta Fry, Mixed Vegetable, Red vegetable, Chicken Curry, Hilsha Fish, Rohu Fish Curry, Koral Fish Curry, Natural food, Shrimp Curry, and most special Biriani. The test is just wow ! and the traditional foods are just Fantastic and Awesome. When you test and eat it you can feel the original taste of the food truly. The main thing about Bangladeshi traditional foods is it’s very Spicy and delicious you can not forget now and forever.

Delicious SeaFood in Cox’s Bazar:

Good Food always keeps well body. Everybody should take good food. You can also find here special Seafood like Butterfly cut Grilled King prawn, Lime Prawn, Calamari Rings, Grilled Lobster, Baked Lobster, Grilled Red Snapper, Baked Red Snapper, Green vegetable, Cajun Baked Red Snapper, Cajun Steamed Red snapper, Grilled Pomfret, Baked Pomfret, Red Food, Cajun Baked Pomfret, Fried Pomfret, Prawn Malai Curry, Mix Food, Stuffed Potato With Prawn, Baked Crab, Crab Cake, Garlic Crab Linguini Pasta, Stuffed Potato With Tuna, Tuna With Pasta this food keep you very well and healthy.

Best 10 Restaurant Near Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach:

Cox-Bazar-Best Food-Seafood
Cox’s Bazar Sea Food, Best Delicious food, in Bangladesh

Poushee Restaurants:

Address: Hotel Sayeman Road JhaotalaCox’s Bazar Sea Beach 4700 Bangladesh
Hour: Open From 7:00am-11:30pm
Contact Number: 01881-222666
Official Website: Click Here

Mermaid Cafe:

Address: Pechardwip, Marine Drive Road, Cox’s Bazar-4370 in Bangladesh.
Hour: Open From 12:00pm-12:00am
Contact Number: +8801841416464/+8801841416465
Official Website: Click Here

Jhawbon Restaurants:

Address: H.No 0001-00, Mukti Joddha Sarani, Hotel Sayeman Rd, Coxs Bazar Sea Beach 4700 in Bangladesh
Hour: Open From 7:00am-12:00pm
Contact Number: 01818-165941
Google Map: Click Here

EFC- A Live Fish Restaurants:

Address: Opposite Hotel Shaibal Motel Road, Hotel Model Zone Coxs Bazar sea beach in Bangladesh
Hour: Open From 9:00am-10:30pm
Contact Number: +880 1914-133108, 01747-394802
Google Map:Click here

Coxs Bazar Sea Food Restaurant:

Address: New Beach Rd, 4700 Coxs Bazar Sea Beach in Bangladesh
Hour: 7 in 24hr service
Contact Number: 01755-115552
Official Website: Click Here

Salt Bistro And Cafe:

Address: 10, Kalatoli, Hotel-Motel Zone, Coxs Bazar 4700 Sea Beach in Bangladesh
Hour: Open From 11:00am-11:00pm
Contact Number: 01816-155651
Google Map:Click Here

Sea Lamp Beach Cafe:

Address: Near At Alif Kolatoli Circle, Main Drive Road, Kolatoli New Sea Beach, 4700 Cox’s Bazar
Hour: Open From 11:00am-12:30pm
Contact Number: 01811-599865
Google Map: Click Here

Koyla Restaurants:

Address: Laboni Point, Near Stadium, Laboni Beach Road, Coxs Bazar in Bangladesh
Hour: Open From 8:00am-12:00pm
Contact Number: 01720-247099
Google Map: Click Here

Devine Sea Stone Cafe:

Address: Plot No 51, Block A, Near Kolatoli Circle, Kolatoli Beach Coxs Bazar in Bangladesh
Hour: From 8:00am-12:00am
Contact Number: 01979-555575
Google Map: Click Here

Handi Restaurants:

Address: Near Hotel Sea World, Sea Beach Road Laboni Point, Coxs Bazar sea beach in Bangladesh
Hour: Open From 8:00am-11:00pm
Contact Number: 01919-142634
Google Map: Click Here

Get Tips Before Visiting Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach:


  • Cox’s Bazar is the most beautiful place so try to avoid environmental pollution as well as possible.
  • If you want to take pictures then verify the ID card the person who photographed on the beach
  • Do not drink alcohol in Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach at Night. You can better go same alcohol Bar.
  • Be careful all time so that you always save there.

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